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How To Get the Jared Padalecki Body?

Jared Padalecki workoutAfter landing in the series Supernatural as Sam Winchester, Jared Padalecki felt the pressure to bulk up. He’s going to play a lead role that is of superhero-like type.

>>This made Jared think about getting into shape and adding some muscle mass.<<

It is a role that is far from his previous supporting stint in Gilmore Girls, wherein he played the cute, tall but skinny Dean Forester.

Jared Padalecki Body Transformation

So Jared Padalecki workout and his body transformation has been so evident in Supernatural that it drove his girl fans crazy but also drew attention from men who want to have a body as buffed like his. And if you’re here because you’re just as interested as those men and you want to have the amazing body Jared Padalecki has now, you’ve come to the right place.

You don’t need to wait to have a major TV offer, like Jared, to realize that you need to bulk up as a man. Just imagine how having such an amazing body can impact your life. It would be a great self empowerment. Not to mention the opportunities that may come your way, such as modeling career and girls. Yes, girls. Who would be able to refuse a hot guy like you? Also, do not forget that a toned body signifies healthy body. So who needs a job offer before getting things done?

For sure, you can’t wait to find out Jared Padalecki Workout secrets. You want to know how exactly he did it. Lucky for you because Jared Padalecki is not the secretive type who would keep his workout secrets to himself. He openly talked about his routines and how he managed to get ripped in a couple of interviews he has done in the past.

Jared Padalecki workout >>Jared Padalecki Workout for Supernatural you can do everywhere <<

In his interview with Men’s Health, Jared Padalecki willingly shared what made his body so ripped. He acknowledged the assistance he got from Scot Mendelson. Scot Mendelson is a famous American powerlifter. He has 2 world champion titles in bench-press under his belt.

According to Jared, Scot has said that one needs to get strong in order to get big. He has been advised to have short but intense workouts. Jared was also asked to use heavier weights by the powerlifter, explaining that when heavy weights are used, more muscle fibers get activated. The more active muscle fibers a person has, the greater development he can expect.

Another vital part of Jared Padalecki’s workout for Supernatural is the protein shakes Scot told him to snack on. Jared then consumed 600-calorie protein shakes to enhance his already solid workout regime. As per Scot’s directions, Jared Padalecki successfully gained 35 pounds of muscle while maintaining his leanness at the same time.

Heavy weights and shakes it is. Not so fast. According to a research, carrying weights that are 80 to 95 percent of the weight you can lift before works best for experienced lifters.  Experienced lifters grow the most muscle fibers by carrying heavy weights. However, beginners are generally advised to go lighter as they can attain most strength just by exerting around 60 percent of their best effort.

Jared Padalecki expressed his belief in the basics. What he had was a setup he described as simple. Despite his busy schedule, he made it a point to do his thing on set during downtimes. So if I were you, I’d keep it natural. Don’t pressure yourself too much and push a premature development. This will just frustrate you. Just enjoy and love what you’re working on. If you are a beginner, it won’t hurt if you slow down a bit and just gradually increase your workout intensity.

In a different interview, Jared Padalecki also said that as a part of his preparation for Supernatural, he has been in a jiu-jitsu and kickboxing program. Jiu-jitsu and kickboxing help one to be stronger and more flexible. Strength and flexibility actually make weight lifting easier.

Jared Padalecki Workout
for Friday the 13th

Jared Padalecki got an offer to star in the Friday the 13th remake in 2009 which he really took seriously. In an interview he did with the Black Book Mag, he said that he tried to bulk up a little bit for the role. He didn’t want to look like the fighting skinny boy when he faced off Jason. He wanted to make it more believable so he made sure that he was at the peak of his fitness. He worked out harder and drank his protein shakes diligently.

>> Workout Jared Padalecki Style  you can do yourself without an expensive trainer <<

Jared Padalecki started with a little help from a famous trainer. Having such trainer is most likely out of your league. However, don’t fret. You don’t need to have a popular trainer to make it anyway. You can have the Jared Padalecki Workout without Scott Mendelson by your side or the fancy equipment at some fancy gym.

You can bulk up just as long as you have the plan and the discipline to carry out the plan. Remember that Jared Padalecki Workout is basically weights and shakes with some martial arts on the side. The structure is so simple that you can apply it in your life. You can even customize it to make it more applicable to you, since people have different needs and requirements.

Jared Padalecki workoutYou don’t really need the exact same Jared Padalecki Workout. You can have a workout plan with the same principles but executed in a different way. As long as the workout plan will lead to the same results – that is a body as ripped as Jared Padalecki’s – then you will be fine.

If you don’t know where to start your quest to attain the Jared Padalecki body, remember that Jared just went back to basics. He worked out harder, lifted heavier weights and drank shakes according to the plan. He even incorporated jiu-jitsu and kickboxing to his regular routine. Consider the fact the he was a busy person doing his profession but he made a time, he exerted his nest effort and maintained. If he did it, you can too.

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